The next Volkstrauertag Ceremony scheduled to be held at Woodland will be on Sunday November, 16, 2014.

Links to relevant websites:

Woodland Cemetery (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Home for all (most?) of the German war graves in Canada. More information can also be found on the Woodland Cemetery page of this website.

German War Graves Commission (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge - VDK)

Founded in 1919, the VDK is a humanitarian organization responsible for the care and registration of German war dead in foreign countries. The VDK also advises relatives of war grave care, supervises public and private grave sites, supports international cooperation and fosters the interest of young people in the final resting-place of war-dead. There are currently over 4.5 million German war dead registered at the VDK website.

David J. Carter 

Author of POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire, an exhaustive account of the prisoner of war camps that existed in Canada during both World Wars. It includes tales of the escape attempts, murders, trials, and executions that took place in those camps. A highly recommended read, the book can be purchased through Mr. Carter's website.

Find A Grave 

A world-wide search engine for finding the grave locations of those who have been entered in the Find A Grave database.

Das Journal 

           Canada's German Language Newspaper.

Deutsche Presse (email only)

Voice of the German, Austrian, and Swiss communities in Canada.

Library and Archives Canada

Canadian national Military Archive databases.

Das Bundesarchiv

National archive of Germany, which includes military records.

German-Canadian Remembrance Society

A non-profit organization consisting of Canadian citizens of German descent who document, maintain, and represent the achievements and legacy of German immigrants in Canada.

German War Graves in Canada News:

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German War Graves in Canada

Volkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_Memorial_Wreaths_-_1.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_Memorial_Wreaths_-_3.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_-_Oper_des_Stalinismus.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_Memorial_Wreaths_-_2.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_-_Paying_Respect_2.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_-_1.JPGVolkstrauertag_2011_-_Woodland_Cemetery_-_German_War_Graves_-_Paying_Respect.JPGNeue_Welt_-_18-Nov-09_-_thumbnail.jpgDas Journal Deutsche Presse

19.12.13 - Two newspaper articles concerning the 2013 Volkstrauertag Ceremony held at Woodland Cemetery have been uploaded (click to enlarge). 

25.10.2013 - Photos from the 2011 Volkstrauertag Ceremony have been uploaded (click to enlarge)

28.10.2013 - A newspaper article concerning the 2009 Volkstrauertag Ceremony held at Woodland Cemetery has been uploaded (click to enlarge). 

27.02.14 - One newspaper article concerning the 2012 Volkstrauertag Ceremony held at Woodland Cemetery has been uploaded (click to enlarge). Includes poems by Herbert Rolle and Paul Beuthe, and an article from the German-Canadian Remembrance Society.